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A selection of seminars and special lectures on wide-ranging topics are related to the practical ethics. The Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics was established in 2002 with the support of the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education of Japan. It is an integral part of the philosophy faculty of the Oxford University, one of the great centers of academic excellence in the philosophical ethics.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


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Course Credit: University of Oxford

Course Curriculum

Module: 01
Julian Savulescu’s Monash Distinguished Alumni 00:03:00
The Flipside of Scientific Freedom 00:15:00
Unfit for Life: Genetically Enhance Humanity of Face Extinction 00:39:00
Good Intentions and Political Life: Against Virtue Parsimony: St Cross Special Ethics Seminar 01:01:00
Hug me daddy I hate you: the ethical challenges of a C21 business 00:49:00
New Imaging Evidence for the Neural Bases of Moral Sentiments: Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviour 01:05:00
Prioritarianism, Levelling Down and Welfare Diffusion 01:25:00
Savulescu interview: Moral Enhancement 00:23:00
Human Rights vs Religion? 00:33:00
2nd St Cross Special Ethics Seminar TT11: Museum Ethics 00:54:00
Bio-ethics Bites: Onora O’Neill on Trust 00:18:00
Module: 02
2nd St Cross Seminar MT11: Dr Margaret Yee 00:50:00
EU ban on hESC Patents: A Threat to Science and the Rule of Law 00:53:00
Foundations of Rights of Access to the Benefits of Science in International Law 00:34:00
St Cross Seminar HT12: Cooperation, altruism and cheating in micro-organisms 01:02:00
Lecture: Rumour, conspiracy theory and propaganda 01:26:00
The Ethics of Entertainment: a case study of Popular Cinema in China and India 01:00:00
Geoengineering: Science, politics and ethics 00:59:00
St Cross Seminar: Informing Egg Donors of the Potential for Embryonic Research 01:01:00
Philosophical Theory and the Justification of Terrorism 01:30:00
Counter-terrorism and its Ethical Hazards 01:26:00
Wellcome Lecture in Neuroethics 00:58:00
Module: 03
Uehiro Seminar: The Ethics of Creating Designer Babies 01:23:00
The Possibility of Religious-Secular Ethical Engagement Debate 1: Abortion 00:38:00
The Possibility of Religious-Secular Ethical Engagement Debate 2: Euthanasia 00:38:00
The bad seed: facts and values in the study of childhood antisocial behaviour 01:33:00
2012 Leverhulme Lecture 1: Some Problems about Religion in the Political Sphere: the dangers of instability and violence 00:47:00
2012 Leverhulme Lecture 2: Reason, Religion and Public Discourse in a Liberal Democracy 00:51:00
2012 Leverhulme Lecture 3: Religious Virtues, Democratic Virtues and their interaction in Practice 00:51:00
If I could just stop loving you: Anti-love drugs and the ethics of a chemical break-up 00:40:00
Uehiro Seminar: Sleep and Opportunity for Well-being 00:42:00
1st St Cross Seminar HT13: Two Conceptions of Children’s Welfare 01:20:00
Module: 04
Debate: The Value of Life 01:02:00
Uehiro Seminar: Psychopaths and responsibility 00:52:00
Uehiro Seminar: The Value of Uncertainty 00:49:00
Opening the Black Box: Examining the Deliberation of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the UK and US; Second St Cross Special Ethics Seminar HT13 00:31:00
Effective Philanthropy: How much good can we achieve? 00:49:00
Astor Keynote Lecture: What Rights May be Defended by Means of War? 00:56:00
Uehiro Seminar: Rescuing Responsibility from the Retributivists – Neuroscience, Free Will and Criminal Punishment 00:41:00
1st St Cross Seminar TT13: Precarious (bio)ethics: research on poisoning patients in Sri Lanka 00:40:00
Uehiro Special Double Seminar: Enhancement 01:56:00
Uehiro Seminar: The current laws on drugs and alcohol – ineffective, dishonest and unethical? 01:13:00
Folk Psychology, the Reactive Attitudes and Responsibility 00:52:00
Module: 05
2nd St Cross Seminar TT13: Ethics In Finance: A New Financial Theory For A Post-Financialized World 00:52:00
Using Religion to Justify Violence 00:36:00
TT13 Uehiro Seminar: Attention, Action, and Responsibility 01:26:00
The Ethics of Infant Male Circumcision 00:53:00
Virtuous Climate Making? Towards a Virtue-Theoretic Approach to Geoengineering 01:16:00
Uehiro Seminar: Ethics and Expectations: Part II 00:48:00
St Cross Seminar: Neither God nor Nature. Could the doping sinner be an exemplar of human(ist) dignity? 00:48:00
Uehiro Seminar: The struggle between liberties and authorities in the information age 00:38:00
Uehiro Seminar: Cyborg justice: human enhancement and punishment 00:59:00
Uehiro Seminar: Do antidepressants work and if so how? 00:49:00
2013 Wellcome Lecture in Neuroethics: The Irresponsible Self: Self bias changes the way we see the world 00:33:00
Module: 06
St Cross Seminar: Genetic parenthood, assisted reproduction, and the values of parental love 00:50:00
Uehiro Seminar: Is Networking Immoral? 00:46:00
St Cross Seminar: “I wouldn’t have consented if I’d known that could happen”: Consenting without Understanding 00:44:00
St Cross Seminar: What counts as a placebo is relative to a target disorder and therapeutic theory: defending a modified version of Grünbaum’s scheme 00:35:00
Special Seminar: The enhancement debate: trusting emotion or trusting reason – a false dichotomy? 00:44:00
The Genetic Epidemiology of Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders: Multiple Levels, Interactions and Causal Loops 01:38:00
The Dappled Causal World of Psychiatric Disorders: The Link Between the Classification of Psychiatric Disorders and Their Causal Complexity 00:57:00
Implicit Moral Attitudes 00:46:00
Bioethics and the Burden of Proof 00:47:00
St Cross Seminar: Natural Human Rights: A Theory 00:59:00
St Cross Seminar: Mere Practicality? Infants, interests and the value of life 01:08:00
Module: 07
St Cross Seminar: On Swearing 00:32:00
2015 Leverhulme Lecture (1): Self-Control: A problem of self-management 00:39:00
2015 Leverhulme Lecture (2): The Science of Self-Control 00:55:00
2015 Leverhulme Lecture (3): Marshmallows and Moderation 00:52:00
Brain Science and the Military 00:47:00
St Cross Seminar: The moral insignificance of self-consciousness 00:39:00
St Cross Seminar: The ‘New’ Guestworker? Rethinking the Ethics of Temporary Labour Migration Programme 00:34:00
Moral Conformity 00:51:00
St Cross Seminar: Justifications for Non-Consensual Medical Intervention: From Infectious Disease Control to Criminal Rehabilitation 00:46:00
2015 Uehiro Lectures: Reasons to Worry 01:01:00
2015 Uehiro Lectures: Conservatism, Temporal Bias, and Future Generations 01:02:00
Module: 08
St Cross Seminar: Governing life: is it wrong to intervene in biological processes? 00:25:00
2015 Uehiro Lectures: Temporal Parochialism and Its Discontents 01:00:00
Leverhulme Lecture 1: The Nature and the Significance of Implicit Bias 00:55:00
Leverhulme Lecture 2: Moral Responsibility and Implicit Bias 01:00:00
St Cross Seminar: Cognitive Enhancement: Defending the Parity Principle 00:47:00
St Cross Seminar: The role of therapeutic optimism in recruitment to a clinical trial: an empirical study 00:49:00
Parfitian Survival and Punishing Crimes from the Distant Past 00:21:00
Designing for conviviality 00:23:00
What if Kant were a designer? 00:15:00
Module: 09
2016 Annual Uehiro Lecture 1: Consequentialism for Cows 00:56:00
2016 Annual Uehiro Lecture 2: Deontology for Dogs 01:00:00
2016 Annual Uehiro Lecture 3: Foundation for Frogs 00:59:00
Uehiro-Carnegie-Oxford Lecture in Practical Ethics 2016 00:50:00
No pain, no praise: motivational enhancement and the meaning of life 00:18:00
Homo reciprocans from Neuroscience: a limited reciprocity. A criticism from neuroethics 00:20:00
Moral Reasoning is Not Like a Dog’s Tail: A Critical Analysis of Social Intuitionism’s Two Illusions of Moral Deliberation 00:18:00
Can we Dissociate Reason from Feelings? Ten Critical Philosophical Questions to Greene’s Dual Process Theory 00:18:00
The New Problem of Personal Force in Morality 00:22:00
Neurointerventions to Prevent Crime and the Problem of Unjustified Incarceration 00:25:00
The Contribution of Neuroethics for Responsible Management Education 00:22:00
Module: 10
Implicit Bias and Racism 00:20:00
The Neuroscience of Moral Agency (Or: How I Learned to Love Determinism and Still Respect Myself in the Morning) 00:56:00
Autism and Moral Responsibility: Executive Function and the Reactive Attitudes 00:41:00
Murder or a Legitimate Medical Procedure: the Withdrawal of Artificial Nutrition & Fluids from a Patient in a Persistent Vegetative Condition 01:22:00
Solving the Replication Crisis in Psychology: Insights from History and Philosophy of Science 00:37:00
Aiming for Moral Mediocrity 00:44:00
Double Seminar on Biomedical Technology and Moral Bioenhancement 00:50:00
On Moral Experts 00:41:00
Sacred Values and the Sanctity of Life 00:40:00
Collective inaction and group-based ignorance 00:39:00
Brain-machine interfaces and the translation of thought into action 00:47:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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