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Emotion is a fundamental, complex, and sometimes confusing part of human experience. This [course_title] surveys the current state of knowledge about human emotion. The course will begin by discussing the evolutionary origins of distinct emotions such as love, anger, fear, and disgust. You will be asked how emotions might color our cognitive processes such as thinking and memory, the relationship between emotions and the brain, development of emotions in childhood, and how emotions shape our social relationships. The course will also consider how these methods can be applied to studying mental illness in both children and adults.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


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Course Credit: Yale University

Course Curriculum

Human Emotion 20.1: Future of Emotion 00:31:00
Human Emotion 19.3: Happiness III (Dark Side of Happiness) 00:15:00
Human Emotion 19.2: Happiness II (Happiness and Morality) 00:21:00
Human Emotion 19.1: Happiness I (What is Happiness) 00:31:00
Human Emotion 18.3: Emotion and Health III (Psychotherapy) 00:26:00
Human Emotion 18.2: Emotions and Health II (Mindfulness) 00:21:00
Human Emotion 18.1: Emotion & Health I (Resilience) 00:24:00
Human Emotion 17.3: Emotional Disorders III (Psychosis & Personality Disorders) 00:24:00
Human Emotion 17.2: Emotional Disorders II (Depression and Mania) 00:26:00
Human Emotion 17.1: Emotional Disorders I (Fear and Anxiety) 00:35:00
Human Emotion 16.3: Physical Health III (Hormones) 00:18:00
Human Emotion 16.2: Physical Health II (Stress) 00:18:00
Human Emotion 16.1: Physical Health I (Sleep) 00:21:00
Human Emotion 15.3: Emotion Development III (Aging) 00:16:00
Human Emotion 15.2: Emotion Development II (Adolescence) 00:17:00
Human Emotion 15.1: Emotion Development I (Infancy) 00:21:00
Human Emotion 14.3: Emotion Regulation III (Relationships) 00:22:00
Human Emotion 14.2: Emotion Regulation II (Evidence) 00:22:00
Human Emotion 14.1: Emotion Regulation I (What is Emotion Regulation) 00:14:00
Human Emotion 13.3: Judgment & Decision Making III (Decision & Risk-Taking) 00:16:00
Human Emotion 13.2: Judgment & Decision Making II (Neuroeconomics & Consumption) 00:22:00
Human Emotion 13.1: Judgment & Decision Making I (Appraisal) 00:16:00
Human Emotion 12.3: Emotion & Cognition III (Unconscious Emotion) 00:24:00
Human Emotion 12.2: Emotion and Cognition II (Emotional Intelligence) 00:28:00
Human Emotion 12.1: Emotion and Cognition I (Introduction) 00:26:00
Human Emotion 11.3: Emotion and Morality III (Psychopathy) 00:39:00
Human Emotion 11.2: Emotion and Morality (The Good) 00:21:00
Human Emotion 11.1: Emotion and Morality (Introduction) 00:33:00
Human Emotion 10.3: Emotions in a Social World III (Emotions and Relationships) 00:36:00
Human Emotion 10.2: Emotions in a Social World II (Social Emotions) 00:23:00
Human Emotion 10.1: Emotions in the Social World (Introduction) 00:22:00
Human Emotion 9.3: Shame and Guilt 00:25:00
Human Emotion 9.2: Pride and Embarrassment 00:26:00
Human Emotion 9.1: Self-Conscious Emotions (Introduction) 00:20:00
Human Emotion 8.3: Emotion and the Brain III (Emotion Control and Specificity) 00:24:00
Human Emotion 8.2: Emotion and the Brain II (Pleasure and Intensity) 00:25:00
Human Emotion 8.1: Emotion and the Brain I (Affective Neuroscience) 00:19:00
Human Emotion 7.3: Psychophysiology III (Specificity and Coherence) 00:18:00
Human Emotion 7.2: Psychophysiology II (Cardiovascular System) 00:31:00
Human Emotion 7.1: Psychophysiology I (Introduction) 00:25:00
Human Emotion 6.3: Emotion Behavior III (Touch) 00:18:00
Human Emotion 6.2: Emotion Behavior II (Crying) 00:17:00
Human Emotion 6.1: Emotion Behavior I (Laughter) 00:22:00
Human Emotion 5.3: Love and Sex 00:25:00
Human Emotion 5.2: Gender and Emotion 00:15:00
Human Emotion 5.1: Culture and Emotion 00:36:00
Human Emotion 4.3: Evolution and Emotion III (Social Constructivism) 00:18:00
Human Emotion 4.2: Evolution and Emotion II (Cultural Universality) 00:20:00
Human Emotion 4.1: Evolution and Emotion I (Introduction) 00:21:00
Human Emotion 3.3: Dogs, Rats, Elephants and Emotion? 00:16:00
Human Emotion 3.2: Monkeys and Emotion 00:28:00
Human Emotion 3.1: Emotion in Animals 00:20:00
Human Emotion 2.3: Emotion Measurement 00:25:00
Human Emotion 2.2: Emotion Elicitation II 00:22:00
Human Emotion 2.1: Emotion Elicitation I 00:21:00
Human Emotion 1.3: What is an Emotion? 00:19:00
Human Emotion 1.2: Introduction 00:31:00
Human Emotion 1.1: Course Overview by June Gruber 00:01:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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