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There is an overload of information about nutrition and health, but what is the truth and what can you do to improve the health of your patients? Learn more about nutrition and how our diet profoundly impacts our current and future health. This course addresses the relationship between nutrition, impact on body and human health with a focus on health problems related to malnutrition.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


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Course Credit:   Wageningen University

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Basic principles of micronutrients
Let’s start! 00:05:00
Meet your Teacher: Sander Kersten 00:02:00
Meet your Teacher: Guido Hooiveld 00:01:00
Introduction into basic principles 00:02:00
Overview of micronutrients 00:03:00
Overview of vitamins 00:06:00
Discovery of the vitamins 00:05:00
Chemistry of minerals 00:03:00
A: Multi vitamin/mineral Supplement Reduce Fatigue 00:02:00
B: Salt Intake Influence on Blood Pressure 00:03:00
C: Vitamin K and Risk of Bone Fractures 00:02:00
Dietary Reference Intakes: the basics 00:06:00
Quick overview of dietary supplements 00:02:00
Who needs extra vitamins and/or minerals? 00:05:00
Potential harmful effects of extra vitamins and/or minerals 00:04:00
Module 2 Water, minerals, trace elements
Introduction to water, minerals and trace elements 00:03:00
Water balance 00:04:00
Health effects of water 00:02:00
Bottled water 00:03:00
Tap water 00:03:00
Function of sodium and potassium in the body 00:03:00
Health effects of sodium 00:05:00
Function of calcium in the body 00:03:00
Iron storage, metabolism and recommendation 00:04:00
Function of iron in the body 00:02:00
Recap module 2 00:06:00
Module 3 Fat soluble vitamins and health
Introduction to fat soluble vitamins 00:02:00
Absorption and metabolism of (pro)vitamin A 00:03:00
Animation: Vitamin A in vision a 00:01:00
Animation: Gene regulation by vitamin A 00:02:00
Absorption and metabolism of (pro)vitamin D 00:04:00
Absorption and metabolism of (pro)vitamin D 00:04:00
Metabolism and functions of vitamin K 00:03:00
Recap module 3 00:05:00
Module 4 Water soluble vitamins and health
Introduction to the water-soluble vitamins 00:02:00
Main functions of the water-soluble vitamins 00:03:00
Vitamin C and disease prevention 00:06:00
Optional: Classic studies of James Lind: why British sailors are called limeys 00:03:00
Absorption and metabolism of folate 00:03:00
Metabolism, functions and disease prevention by folate 00:04:00
Interview with Dr. Patrick Stover on folate 00:16:00
Interview with Patrick Stover on ASN 00:10:00
Absorption and metabolism of vitamin B12 00:02:00
Metabolism, functions and disease prevention by vitamin B12 00:05:00
Causes of vitamin deficiency 00:03:00
Module 5 The global burden of micronutrient malnutrition
Introduction to the global burden of micronutrient malnutrition 00:02:00
Meet your Teacher 00:02:00
The global picture: vitamin A, iron, zinc and iodine deficiencies 00:04:00
Short-term and long-term consequences of micronutrient deficiencies 00:03:00
Conceptual framework of maternal and child undernutrition 00:03:00
The intergenerational cycle of malnutrition 00:02:00
Meet your Teacher 00:02:00
Pregnancy and breastfeeding 00:04:00
The infection-malnutrition cycle 00:01:00
Zinc and diarrhea (interview Saskia Osendorp) 00:09:00
Micronutrients and HIV 00:04:00
Module 6 Global solutions to micronutrient deficiencies
Introduction to global solutions to micronutrient deficiencies 00:02:00
Salt iodization (interview Prof. Dr. Michael Zimmermann) 00:09:00
Principles of (agro) biofortification 00:02:00
Examples of biofortified crops 00:02:00
Building evidence of efficacy 00:03:00
Food processing and preparation 00:02:00
Improving the diversity of diets 00:05:00
Scaling Up Nutrition 00:06:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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