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Electromagnetic theory generally covers the basic principles of electromagnetism, such as experimental basis, electrostatics, magnetic fields of steady currents, electromagnetic induction, electric and magnetic properties of matter, propagation and radiation of electromagnetic waves, etc.

This [course_title] looks at the static and dynamic electric and magnetic fields and their interaction. A variety of topics covered in this course, including Electromagnetic Waves, Transmission Lines, Waveguides, and Antenna fundamentals. Moreover, it also explains quasi-static analysis and numerical methods in an efficient manner.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


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Course Credit: NPTEL

Course Curriculum

Week 1
Introduction to EMT 00:33:00
Coulomb’s law 00:22:00
Vector analysis-I and Introduction to Co-ordinate system 00:13:00
Rectangular Co-ordinate system 00:31:00
Vector analysis-II 00:36:00
Introduction to Electric field 00:31:00
Electric field-I 00:20:00
Cylindrical Co-ordinate system 00:29:00
Transformation & Electric field-II 00:24:00
Week 2
Electric Potential-I 00:30:00
Spherical Co-ordinate system & Electric potential-II 00:35:00
Vector Analysis-III & Electric potential-III 00:33:00
Gauss’s Law & its application-I 00:25:00
Gauss’s Law & its application-II 00:29:00
Divergence & Poisson’s & Laplace’s Equation 00:31:00
Gauss’s Law & its application -III 00:35:00
Vector analysis –III (Curl and its significance) 00:23:00
Week 3
Conductor & Dielectric-I 00:29:00
Polarization -I 00:29:00
Polarization -II 00:28:00
Polarization –II (contd.) 00:21:00
Boundary condition 00:22:00
Continuity Equation & Conductors-III 00:31:00
Conductors – IV 00:28:00
Conductor –IV (contd.) & Capacitor – I 00:31:00
Capacitor – II 00:26:00
Capacitor – II (contd.) & Equipotential Surfaces 00:29:00
Week 4
Solution of Laplace’s equation-I 00:34:00
Solution of Laplace’s equation-I I & method of images-I 00:25:00
Method of images-II 00:30:00
Solution of Laplace’s equation-III 00:23:00
Solution of Laplace’s equation-IV 00:47:00
Introduction of magnetic field 00:31:00
Biot savart law & its application 00:27:00
Week 5
Biot savart law & its application-II 00:34:00
Magnetic vector potential 00:22:00
Magnetic force ,torque & dipole 00:29:00
Magnetic force ,torque & dipole(continued) 00:27:00
Magnetic materials-I 00:31:00
Magnetic materials-I(contd.)& Magnetic moment 00:41:00
Magnetic materials-I(contd) and Boundary condition for Magnetic fields 00:22:00
Inductor and calculation of inductance for different shapes 00:24:00
Inductor and calculation of inductance for different shapes(contd) 00:30:00
Week 6
Faradays law and its application-I 00:26:00
Faradays law and its application-II 00:28:00
Displacement current 00:50:00
Maxwell’s equation 00:29:00
Wave propagation 00:33:00
Solution of Helmholtz equation 00:26:00
Week 7
Uniform plane waves 00:31:00
Polarization & Poynting Vector 00:28:00
Wave reflections (Normal incidence) 00:39:00
Waves in imperfect dielectrics & Good conductors 00:25:00
Skin depth/effect 00:30:00
Oblique incidence of waves 00:32:00
Oblique incidence of waves (contd.) 00:29:00
Week 8
Transmission line 00:28:00
Transmission line model 00:19:00
Steady state sinusoidal response of T-line-I 00:30:00
Steady state sinusoidal response of T-line-II 00:28:00
Steady state sinusoidal response of T-line-II& Smith chart 00:37:00
Week 9
Application of smith chart-I 00:29:00
Application of smith chart-II 00:27:00
Impedance matching 00:36:00
Transients on Transmission line-I 00:23:00
Transients on Transmission line-II 00:21:00
Week 10
Pulse on Transmission line 00:26:00
Capacitive termination in Transmission line 00:28:00
Waveguide 00:27:00
Waveguide Analysis 00:30:00
TM modes in Waveguide 00:30:00
Week 11
Rectangular waveguide: TM modes 00:24:00
Rectangular waveguide: TE modes 00:23:00
Waveguide: Wavelength, Impedance and power calculation 00:33:00
Waveguide losses 00:17:00
Dielectric Waveguide 00:28:00
Dielectric Waveguide (contd.) 00:29:00
Week 12
Radiation and Antenna 00:25:00
Hertzian Dipole Antenna 00:28:00
Hertzian Dipole Antenna (contd.) 00:34:00
Quasi-statistics-I 00:22:00
Quasi-statistics-II 00:18:00
Long wire Antenna 00:39:00
Group velocity & Phase velocity 00:33:00
Numerical solution of Laplace\’s equation 00:24:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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