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The [course_title] course teaches the basic principles and techniques for the synthesis of complex organic molecules. Organic Synthesis is a branch of synthesis chemistry that deals with the intentional construction of organic compounds via organic reactions. In the course, you will learn the techniques of stereoselective synthesis such as stereocontrolled synthesis of complex acyclic compounds or Stereocontrolled Alkylation, Stereocontrolled Conjugate Addition, Addition of Allylmetals to Carbonyls, Stereocontrolled Aldol Reactions, etc.


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Course Credit:  MIT

Course Curriculum

L1 Strategies for Stereocontrolled Synthesis I 00:10:00
L2 Strategies for Stereocontrolled Synthesis II 00:10:00
L3 Strategies for Stereocontrolled Synthesis III 00:15:00
L4 Strategies for Stereocontrolled Synthesis IV 00:20:00
L5 Strategies for Stereocontrolled Synthesis V 00:10:00
L6 Strategies for Stereocontrolled Synthesis VI 00:25:00
L7 Stereocontrolled Alkylation I 00:10:00
L8 Stereocontrolled Alkylation II 00:10:00
L9 Stereocontrolled Alkylation III 00:10:00
L10 Stereocontrolled Alkylation IV 00:20:00
L11 Stereocontrolled Conjugate Addition I 00:10:00
L12 Stereocontrolled Conjugate Addition II 00:20:00
L13 Stereocontrolled Conjugate Addition III 00:25:00
L14 Stereocontrolled 1,2 Addition to Carbonyls I 00:10:00
L15 Stereocontrolled 1,2 Addition to Carbonyls II 00:20:00
L16 Addition of Allylmetals to Carbonyls I 00:10:00
L17 Addition of Allylmetals to Carbonyls II 00:20:00
L18 Addition of Allylmetals to Carbonyls III 00:20:00
L19 Stereocontrolled Aldol Reactions I 00:15:00
L20 Stereocontrolled Aldol Reactions II 00:25:00
L21 Aldol Reactions III and Stereocontrolled Carbonyl Reduction 00:20:00
L22 Stereocontrolled Carbonyl and Alkene Reduction 00:25:00
L23 Stereocontrolled Alkene Reduction and Hydroboration 00:15:00
L24 Stereocontrolled Dihydroxylation and Epoxidation I 00:10:00
L25 Stereocontrolled Epoxidation II 00:15:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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