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What is the smallest scale of energy levels of atoms? You will need knowledge of Quantum mechanics to know the answer. It describes nature at the littlest sizes of levels of iotas of particles. You will be introduced to quantum mechanics and principles of quantum chemistry with applications to nuclear motions and the electronic structure of the hydrogen atom in. You will also learn about the Schrödinger equation and study how it describes the behavior of very light particles.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


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Course Credit: UCI Open

Course Curriculum

Module: 01
Chem 131A. Lec 01. Quantum Principles: Introduction 00:45:00
Chem 131A. Lec 02. Quantum Principles: Particles, Waves, the Uncertainty Principle and Postulates 00:52:00
Chem 131A. Lec 03. Quantum Principles: More Postulates, Superposition, Operators and Measurement 00:51:00
Chem 131A. Lec 04. Quantum Principles: Complementarity, Quantum Encryption, Schrodinger Equation 00:52:00
Chem 131A. Lec 05. Quantum Principles: Model 1D Quantum Systems – “The Particle In a Box” 00:52:00
Chem 131A. Lec 06. Quantum Principles: Quantum Mechanical Tunneling 00:49:00
Chem 131A. Lec 07. Quantum Principles: Tunneling Microscopy and Vibrations 00:52:00
Chem 131A. Lec 08. Quantum Principles: More on Vibrations and Approximation Techniques 00:53:00
Chem 131A. Lec 09. Quantum Principles: Potentials + Quantization in Two Spatial Dimensions 00:50:00
Chem 131A. Lec 10. Quantum Principles: Particles on Rings and Spheres… A Prelude to Atoms 00:45:00
Module: 02
Chem 131A. Lec 11. Quantum Principles: Particle on a Sphere, Angular Momentum 00:51:00
Chem 131A. Lec 12. Quantum Principles: Spin, The Vector Model and Hydrogen Atoms 00:51:00
Chem 131A. Lec 13. Quantum Principles: Hydrogen Atoms: Radial Functions & Solutions 00:48:00
Chem 131A. Lec 14. Quantum Principles: Atomic Spectroscopy Selection Rules, Coupling, and Terms 00:53:00
Chem 131A. Lec 15. Quantum Principles: Hydrogen Wavefunctions, Quantum Numbers, Term Symbols 00:46:00
Chem 131A. Lec 16. Quantum Principles: Energy Level Diagrams, Spin-Orbit Coupling, Pauli Principle 00:48:00
Chem 131A. Lec 17. Quantum Principles: Approximation Methods: Variational Principle, Atomic Units 00:51:00
Chem 131A. Lec 18. Quantum Principles: The Hydride Ion (Continued): Two-Electron Systems 00:52:00
Chem 131A. Lec 19. Quantum Principles: The Hydride Ion (Try #3!) The Orbital Philosophy 00:53:00
Module: 03
Chem 131A. Lec 20. Quantum Principles: Hartree-Fock Calculations, Spin, and Slater Determinants 00:52:00
Chem 131A. Lec 21. Quantum Principles: Bigger Atoms, Hund’s Rules and the Aufbau Principle 00:53:00
Chem 131A. Lec 22. Quantum Principles: The Born-Oppenheimer Approximation and H2+ 00:51:00
Chem 131A. Lec 23. Quantum Principles: LCAO-MO Approximation Applied to H2+ 00:45:00
Chem 131A. Lec 24. Quantum Principles: Molecular Orbital: The Virial Theorem in Action 00:47:00
Chem 131A. Lec 25. Quantum Principles: Optimizing H2+ Molecular Orbital, H2, & Config Interaction 00:51:00
Chem 131A. Lec 26. Quantum Principles: Qualitative MO Theory 00:53:00
Chem 131A. Lec 27. Quantum Principles: CH4 Molecular Orbitals and Delocalized Bonding 00:50:00
Chem 131A. Lec 28. Quantum Principles: What We’ve Covered: Course Summary 00:50:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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