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Polymer physics studies polymers, their fluctuations, mechanical properties and the kinetics of reactions involving degradation and polymerization of polymers and monomers respectively. Solving Problems related to the mechanical, optical, and transport properties of polymers with the underlying physics and physical chemistry of polymers in melt, solution and solid state, polymer physics is needed which can be easily expressed in this [course_title] easily for you.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to hard vs. soft solids; polymerization 00:45:00
Chains; thermodynamics of polymer solutions 00:30:00
Thermodynamics 00:30:00
Polymer blends; viscosity; osmometry 00:30:00
Osmometry 00:30:00
Scattering; Zimm plots 00:30:00
Glass transition temperature Tg 00:30:00
Diffusion of polymers; reptation; elasticity 00:30:00
Gels; Flory-Rehner theory 00:45:00
Self organization 00:30:00
Intermaterial dividing surface (IMDS); polymer-based photonics 00:45:00
Photonic crystals 00:45:00
Influence of chain architecture on microdomain characteristics 00:30:00
Block copolymer-homopolymer blends 00:45:00
Hierarchically ordered BCP-nanoparticle composites 00:45:00
Top down meets bottom up 01:00:00
Chain folding; polyethylene and nylon; spherulites 00:30:00
Mechanical properties; crazing; microframes and millitrusses 00:45:00
Mechanical properties 00:45:00
Single wall and multi-wall nanotubes (SWNT, MWNT) 00:30:00
Electronic polymers 00:30:00
Polymer conductives; polypyrrole chains; optical interactions 00:30:00

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