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Want to learn about cosmology or our universe? Want to know where did the universe come or how will it end? Then enrol the [course_title] course and explore the fantastic facts about the universe.

The course teaches the latest advances and the unsolved mysteries of the universe. You will explore the recent observations and theories behind modern cosmology. If you want to understand astronomy deeply, the course perfectly fits you.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


Edukite courses are free to study. To successfully complete a course you must submit all the assignment of the course as part of the assessment. Upon successful completion of a course, you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your Certificate at a cost of £49.

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Course Credit:  Australian National University

Course Curriculum

ANUAST4XT415-V000600 00:15:00
A4 L1 V01 00:07:00
A4 L1 V02 00:11:00
A4 L1 V03 00:06:00
A4 L1 V04 00:05:00
A4 L1 V05 00:11:00
A4 L1 V06 00:05:00
A4 L10 V01 Telescopes 00:10:00
A4 L10 V02 BrianCox1 00:11:00
A4 L10 V03 BrianCox2 00:05:00
A4 L10 V04 Lisa Kewley 00:06:00
A4 L10 V08 Katie Mack 00:12:00
A4 L10 V09 Matthew Colless 00:07:00
A4 L10 V10 charley 00:10:00
A4 L10 V11 Naomi Mathers 00:06:00
A4 L10 V12 Paul 00:08:00
A4 L10 V13 Brian 00:07:00
A4 L2 V01 00:08:00
A4 L2 V02 00:10:00
A4 L2 V03 00:09:00
A4 L2 V04 00:11:00
A4 L2 V05 00:07:00
A4 L2 V06 00:06:00
A4 L2 V07 00:10:00
A4 L2 V08 00:04:00
A4 L3 V01 Introduction 00:06:00
A4 L3 V02 Symmetry 00:08:00
A4 L3 V03 Inflation 00:06:00
A4 L3 V04 Fixing the problems 00:06:00
A4 L3 V05 End of Inflation 00:07:00
A4 L3 V06 Krauss inflation1 00:09:00
A4 L3 V07 Krauss inflation2 00:12:00
A4 L3 V08 Krauss inflation3 00:04:00
A4 L4 V01 Measuring mass 00:07:00
A4 L4 V02 Peculiar Motions 00:09:00
A4 L4 V04 Scale Factors 00:06:00
A4 L4 V05 Distance Ladder 1 00:09:00
A4 L4 V06 Distance Ladder 2 00:12:00
A4 L4 V07 Conclusions 00:04:00
A4 L4 WE4 1 Parallax 00:02:00
A4 L4 WE4 2 Standard Candle 00:03:00
A4 L5 V01 Dust 00:10:00
A4 L5 V02 Bias 00:08:00
A4 L5 V03 HST 00:08:00
A4 L5 V04 Eclipsing Binaries 00:05:00
A4 L5 V05 Surface brightness 00:07:00
A4 L5 V06 Megamasers 00:13:00
A4 L5 V07 Maser Distance 00:09:00
A4 L5 V08 TRGB 00:08:00
A4 L5 WE5 1 00:03:00
A4 L5 WE5 2 00:02:00
A4 L6 V02 Krauss Dark Energy1 00:09:00
A4 L6 V03 Krauss Dark Energy2 00:09:00
A4 L6 V04 Lensing 00:09:00
A4 L6 V05 Primordial Nucleosynthesis 00:09:00
A4 L6 WE6 1 00:04:00
A4 L7 V01 CMB 00:13:00
A4 L7 V02 Acoustic Waves 00:11:00
A4 L7 V03 Power Spectrum 00:08:00
A4 L7 V04 curvature 00:06:00
A4 L7 V05 baryons 00:08:00
A4 L7 V06 BAOs 00:09:00
A4 L7 V07 Degeneracies 00:09:00
A4 L7 V08 Conclusions 00:09:00
A4 L8 V01 Time Arrow 00:07:00
A4 L8 V02 Oscillators 00:06:00
A4 L8 V05 Charley 1 00:07:00
A4 L8 V06 Charley 2 00:07:00
A4 L8 V07 Charley 3 00:05:00
A4 L9 V01 introduction 00:09:00
A4 L9 V02 Krauss Conclusions1 00:12:00
A4 L9 V03 Krauss Conclusions2 00:13:00
A4 L9 V04 Krauss Conclusions 3 00:06:00
A4 L9 V05 Conclusions 00:08:00
A4 WE1.2 metric 00:03:00
A4 WE2 1 Age of Universe 00:04:00
ANUAST4XT415-V000100 00:10:00
ANUAST4XT415-V000300 00:08:00
ANUAST4XT415-V000400 00:10:00
ANUAST4XT415-V000500 00:07:00
ANUAST4XT415-V000700 00:10:00
ANUAST4XT415-V001200 00:05:00
ANUAST4XT415-V001300 00:14:00
Redshift worked example 00:04:00
WE8.1_revised 00:03:00
A4 Conclusion 00:04:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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