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OpenStack is growing immensely with over 65% of OpenStack deployments now in production – a number which continues to rise. The demand for individuals who have experience managing this cloud platform is also accelerating. According to the Open Source Jobs Report from The Linux Foundation and Dice, 51% of hiring managers say experience with OpenStack and other cloud technologies are driving open source hiring decisions.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


Edukite courses are free to study. To successfully complete a course you must submit all the assignment of the course as part of the assessment. Upon successful completion of a course, you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your Certificate at a cost of £49.

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Course Credit: Linux Foundation

Course Curriculum

Welcome & Introduction
A Word from the Instructor 00:02:00
Session 1: From Virtualization to Cloud Computing
Introduction (Continued) 00:03:00
Benefits of Virtualization 00:02:00
Virtualization Limitations 00:02:00
What Are Containers? (continued) 00:02:00
More on Containers: Components and How They Work 00:04:00
What Can We Do with Cloud Computing? 00:01:00
Solutions for IaaS Cloud Computing 00:08:00
Summary 00:01:00
Session 2: Understanding OpenStack
Introduction 00:01:00
Contributing to the OpenStack Project 00:03:00
Core OpenStack Projects 00:04:00
Core OpenStack Projects (continued) 00:02:00
Core OpenStack Projects: Nova 00:02:00
Core OpenStack Projects: Neutron 00:03:00
Core OpenStack Projects: Swift 00:04:00
Core OpenStack Projects: Glance 00:03:00
Core OpenStack Projects: Cinder 00:01:00
Core OpenStack Projects: Keystone 00:02:00
Behind the Core OpenStack Projects 00:02:00
Behind the Core OpenStack Projects: the RESTful API 00:03:00
Other OpenStack Projects: Horizon 00:06:00
Summary 00:01:00
Session 3: Deploying OpenStack (PackStack and DevStack)
Introduction 00:01:00
Understanding OpenStack Node Role Types 00:03:00
Deploying OpenStack on Ubuntu with DevStack (continued) 00:08:00
Understanding OpenStack on CentOS (continued) 00:05:00
Deploying OpenStack on CentOS with PackStack (continued) 00:14:00
Summary 00:01:00
Session 4: Deploying a Virtual Machine from Horizon
Introduction 00:01:00
Logging into Horizon 00:02:00
Creating a Project and a User in Horizon 00:05:00
What Is Needed to Deploy an Instance from Horizon 00:03:00
Configuring Software Defined Networking 00:02:00
Configuring Software Defined Networking (continued) 00:10:00
Deploying an Instance from Horizon: Next Steps 00:02:00
Deploying an Instance from Horizon (continued) 00:15:00
Connecting to the Instance 00:05:00
Adding Storage to the Instance 00:03:00
Summary 00:01:00
Session 5: Managing OpenStack from the Command Line
Introduction 00:01:00
Credential Files and Variables 00:05:00
Getting a Glance Image 00:04:00
Configuring Basic Networking (Part I) 00:02:00
Configuring Basic Networking (Part II) 00:03:00
Configuring Basic Networking (Part III) 00:04:00
Creating a Security Group and SSH Keys 00:03:00
Booting the Instance 00:07:00
Accessing the Instance 00:04:00
Troubleshooting Networking (continued) 00:10:00
Summary 00:01:00
Session 6: Scaling Out Your OpenStack
Introduction 00:01:00
Scaling Out with Software Defined Networking 00:03:00
Scaling Out with Object Storage 00:04:00
Adding Compute Nodes (continued) 00:06:00
Summary 00:01:00
Session 7: What's Next?
Introduction 00:01:00
The Linux Foundation OpenStack Courses (continued) 00:05:00
Certified OpenStack Administrator 00:04:00
Summary 00:01:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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