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The Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity (UBVO) is an interdisciplinary research unit at the University of Oxford, dedicated to understanding the complex and interwoven causes of obesity in populations across the world. This series is hosted by the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford. Topics will be discussed are Resisting moralisation in health promotion, Anorexia, care and comfort and so on.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


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Course Credit: University of Oxford

Course Curriculum

Module: 01
Social marketing and public health with Change4Life 00:33:00
Children’s eating habits and food preferences: determinants and consequences 00:47:00
Treating obesity early in life: the common misunderstandings between parents and health care providers 00:33:00
Minority families and barriers to health care 00:25:00
Infant feeding at home and in the nursery in post-1945 Britain: an oral history approach 00:43:00
Network mathematics in the social sciences: concepts, applications, and perspectives into obesity and public health 00:50:00
Beyond ‘fat tax’: What is the role and potential of food taxes? 00:32:00
Status Food and State Food: Notes on Obesity in Cuba 00:25:00
Behavioural economics and eating habits 00:43:00
Feeding the Elderly: A study of political, societal and individual practices regarding food for the elderly in Denmark 1880-2013 00:28:00
Module: 02
Tropical Medicine Obesity, systems and complexity 00:37:00
Biocultural perspectives on globalizing fat stigma 00:38:00
Liminal living: eating disordered embodiment and the reconfiguring of social being 00:40:00
Obesity and physical activity: from behaviour to environment 00:53:00
The intimacies of the celebrity chef industry: affects, effects and the mediation of eating 00:37:00
Comparative political ecologies of food and diet: systems of provision in Trinidad and Cuba 00:32:00
Brief interventions for weight management in primary care 00:34:00
Obesity in the news media life cycle: ethics, responsibility, and stigmatisation 00:41:00
‘How many bodies?’ The clinic, the kitchen and the context of obesity 00:42:00
Microbes matter: metabolism and chronic disease in contemporary biomedicine 00:41:00
Module: 03
Bodies of water 00:27:00
What would the British food system look like if it took ecological public health at its heart? 00:53:00
The Disenchantment of the Plate 00:27:00
From denial to corporate social responsibility: rhetoric of the food industry on obesity prevention 00:45:00
Exploring critical geographies of obesity and fatness: environments, bodies and activism 00:48:00
Rodent Models of Obesity-Reductionist Approaches to Understanding the Basis of a Complex Human Trait 00:52:00
‘It’s not fat – it’s bioprene’: marathon swimming and heroic fatness 00:39:00
Evidence of the effectiveness of health-related food taxes 00:47:00
Anthropology, Childhood, and Obesity 00:28:00
Behavioral biology and obesity 00:45:00
Module: 04
The history of the obesity epidemic 00:19:00
Inequality and obesity 00:33:00
Political ecology of obesity 00:18:00
Obesity and time urgency 00:20:00
Is Obesity a Disease? 00:08:00
Clothes, Sizing and Obesity 00:14:00
Malaysian Food Barometer 00:08:00
Nutritional Anthropology Lecture- Evolution of Human Nutrition 00:51:00
Keynote: Nutritional States and Welfare Regimes 00:26:00
UNU Lecture-Systems Change and Obesity 00:34:00
Module: 05
UNU Lecture- Societal Change and Health 00:19:00
UNU Lecture- Nutrition and Health Transition 00:16:00
Famine, Starvation, and Narratives of Hunger 00:34:00
Keynote: Evolutionary Ecology of Present-Day Obesity Production 00:21:00
Marketing Conscious Consumption 00:23:00
Political Food Served Digitally All Day? An Online/Offline Perspective on Food- Related Political Consumerism 00:20:00
The ‘Who’ and ‘What’ of Diabetes on Twitter 00:25:00
Digital Food Activism 00:22:00
Keynote: When Food Goes Digital: From a Mundane Point of View 00:28:00
Celebrity Chefs as Political Activists: Audiences, Moments and Affect 00:23:00
Module: 06
Food as Media 00:20:00
Hacking the Food System: Technologies of Justice and Inequality 00:32:00
What’s next? The National Obesity Observatory 00:15:00
The fat(tened) American: Between consumption, disgust, and animality 00:45:00
The dynamics in the details: An ethnography of food aid, weights and measures in South Sudan. 00:40:00
Governing Plastic Biology: Biopolitics in Epigenetic Times. 00:42:00
Obesity, responsibility and ethics 00:55:00
Sugar, Metabolisms, and Taxation – UBVO Instrument and Institutions Interviews 00:12:00
The Body Mass Index in Obesity Reporting – UBVO Instrument and Institutions Interviews 00:15:00
UK Food Network Responsibility Deal – UBVO Instrument and Institutions Interviews 00:16:00
Module: 07
Familial interventions for childhood obesity – UBVO Instrument and Institutions Interviews 00:10:00
Bariatric surgery in childhood and adolescence – UBVO Instrument and Institutions Interviews 00:06:00
Brown adipose tissue, energy balance, and obesity – UBVO Instrument and Institutions Interviews 00:10:00
Advancing a model of inequalities, stress, and obesity 00:47:00
‘The Great Gatsby’ curve in 3D: Inequality of outcomes, inequality of opportunities, and social mobility across countries 00:54:00
The influence of school on eating disorders in girls – evidence from Sweden and the UK 00:38:00
Familial homeostasis and negotiations of children’s eating and physical activity: An analysis of intergenerational conversations in low income US families 00:33:00
Epigenetics: Environment, embodiment and equality 00:41:00
Social Mobility: Can family policy make a difference? 00:12:00
Inequality, Obesity and Oxford: how to reduce car dependence 00:33:00
Module: 08
The obesity epidemic and how bodies come to be through the pedagogies of digital health 00:47:00
Bariatric surgery’s intersubjective embodiments 00:33:00
Obesogenic environments 00:15:00
Limitations of obesity models 00:16:00
Genetics of obesity 00:17:00
Obesity governance through measurement 00:36:00
Global transformation of diet 00:44:00
Energy balance models of obesity 00:40:00
Food and eating 01:00:00
Life between protocols: the pragmatics of care in a nutrition intervention in Khayelitisha, South Africa 00:31:00
Module: 09
Obesity and Consumption 01:06:00
What is Nutritional Anthropology? 00:33:00
Childhood Obesity in Portugal 00:12:00
Listening to the News Audience – What’s Missing from Obesity News? 00:42:00
Models of Obesity – A Book Launch 00:13:00
Physical activity and the built environment 00:33:00
Polyrational approaches to obesity 00:57:00
Constructing the archetypal anorectic trends in media representations of eating disordered celebrities 00:16:00
Not social mobility but deprivation mobility: places change their characteristics and people change their places 00:53:00
Dangerous engagements? Exploring pro-anorexia websites and in the media 00:19:00
Module: 10
Text mining techniques 00:24:00
Analytic approaches to media representations 00:16:00
Completing contemporary discourses of obesity 00:18:00
Obesity in the US media, 1999-2010 00:22:00
The discursive regulation of ‘too fat’ and ‘too thin’ bodies 00:21:00
Macaques at the margins 00:42:00
Bitter-sweet adaptation 00:38:00
Anorexia, care and comfort 00:33:00
Not your good fatty: how fat activists disrupt using Web 2.0 00:42:00
Resisting moralisation in health promotion 00:38:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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