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Addiction is such a common problem today that people experiencing alcohol, nicotine or other drug problems in many different healthcare settings. The challenge of linking people experiencing addiction to the right response is a serious one. This course is intended to help you meet this challenge by increasing understanding of the biology of addiction and available treatment options in the different stages of the recovery journey.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


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Course Credit:   University of Adelaide

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Addiction and Recovery
Week 1 Overview 00:01:00
Addictive Behaviour 00:06:00
What is Addiction? 00:01:00
What Creates Addictive Behaviours? 00:01:00
Biopsychosocial Model 00:02:00
Classes of Drugs of Abuse 00:03:00
How Do Drugs Work? 00:01:00
Drug Effects on the Body 00:02:00
Tolerance 00:02:00
The Biology 00:02:00
Repeated Drug Use 00:01:00
Do Drugs Change The Way We Think? 00:03:00
Biological Susceptibility 00:02:00
Introducing the Recovery Pathway 00:01:00
Screening and Brief Interventions 00:01:00
Managed Withdrawal 00:01:00
What is Recovery? 00:01:00
Relapse Prevention 00:01:00
Substitution Treatment 00:01:00
Week 1 Summary 00:02:00
Week 2: Risk Behaviours and Brief Intervention
Week 2 overview 00:01:00
Why screen? 00:01:00
Early Intervention 00:01:00
Case Study: Mel 00:02:00
Screening Tools 00:01:00
An Example Using the ASSIST 00:01:00
Mel’s Story 00:03:00
Stages of Change 00:03:00
Motivational Interviewing Principles 00:04:00
Evidence of Effectiveness 00:02:00
Settings and Barriers 00:03:00
Week 2 Summary 00:02:00
Week 3: Managing Withdrawal
Week 3 Overview 00:03:00
Introducing Withdrawal and Treatment 00:02:00
What is Happening in the Body? 00:01:00
Signs and Symptoms of Withdrawal 00:02:00
Risks of Withdrawal 00:02:00
Treatment Options 00:01:00
Expectations of Withdrawal 00:01:00
Withdrawal as Intervention 00:01:00
Other Interventions During Withdrawal 00:01:00
A Case Study: Eddie 00:02:00
Glenside: The Facilities 00:02:00
Glenside: Inpatient Withdrawal 00:01:00
Glenside: Inpatient Assessment 00:03:00
Glenside: Medical Aspects 00:04:00
Overview of inpatient withdrawal 00:02:00
Critical Decisions 00:01:00
Case Study: Eddie’s History of Substance Abuse 00:01:00
Case Study: Eddie’s Circumstances 00:01:00
Case Study: Eddie’s Immediate Goals 00:01:00
Case study: Other Aspects and Planning 00:01:00
Week 3 Summary 00:02:00
Week 4: Promoting Sustained Recovery
Week 4 Overview 00:01:00
Taking Control 00:02:00
Relapse Prevention 00:02:00
Cravings 00:02:00
Support 00:01:00
Psychosocial Support 00:02:00
Substitution Treatment and Interventions 00:02:00
Maintenance Stage 00:01:00
After Treatment 00:01:00
The Woolshed: the Therapeutic Community Approach 00:02:00
The Rules 00:02:00
Staff and Roles 00:04:00
Behaviours and Drugs 00:03:00
An Investment in Time 00:03:00
Medications to Treat Dependence 00:02:00
Dealing with Craving 00:04:00
Substitution treatment 00:03:00
Case study: Tom’s history 00:02:00
Case study: Tom’s options 00:01:00
Case Study: Tom’s recovery 00:03:00
Week 4 summary 00:02:00
Week 5: Putting it Together - a Holistic Approach
Week 5 Overview 00:01:00
Case Study Review 00:01:00
Case Study One: Mel 00:01:00
Case Study Two: Eddie 00:02:00
Case Study Three: Tom 00:02:00
Summary of Case Studies 00:01:00
Factors Impacting Access to Treatment 00:01:00
Other Factors Impacting on Access to Treatment 00:01:00
The present and the future 00:02:00
Dopamine and Motivation by Dr Lyndsey Collins-Prano 00:03:00
The Immune System is Vital by Prof. Mark Hutchinson 00:03:00
XTC Hyperthermia by Dr Abdallah Salem 00:01:00
Oxytocin and Susceptibility to Addiction by Dr Femke Buisman-Pijlman 00:01:00
Genetics and Personalised Treatment by Prof. Andrew Somogyi 00:03:00
Translation of Research by Dr Linda Gowing 00:03:00
Individual Treatment plans by Dr. Robert Ali 00:01:00
Week 5 Summary 00:02:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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