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Mock Exam- Certificate Course on Self-Leadership

Instructions for Taking the Exam

  • Exam time duration: 20 mins
  • Total questions: 25
  • Total marks: 100
  • Pass marks: 60%

Taking the Exam

  1. Select an answer for every question. Unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect.
  2. There are two possible question types:
    • Multiple Choice: click the radio button to indicate your choice. Currently, only one answer can be selected for a multiple choice question. One Answer can be saved only once.
    • True/False: click the radio button to indicate your choice. One Answer can be saved only once.
    • If you use a wheel button mouse, take care not to accidentally change your answers. Sometimes scrolling the wheel will rotate through the answers in a selection list, when you might have meant simply to scroll farther down in the exam window.
  3. Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page to have your answers graded.
  4. The quiz results will be available in your Profile Courses -> Results section.

Checking Your Answers

  1. Once the Quiz has been submitted you’ll see a button to check your quiz results. Click on the Check Quiz Results button at the top and bottom of the Quiz. This will take you to your profile Course section under the results tab to the Quiz results page.
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