• Thai Massage is becoming more popular all around the world. It’s not just found in Thailand, but may also be found through Europe, America, Australia and South Pacific. The source of Thai Massage is Thought to have originated in Bangkok, Thailand during the time of this Rashid Dynasty (Abdul Hamid II).

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  • Hot stone massage is a powerful form of massage treatment. It gives you the ability to unwind and relieve tense, sore muscles and injured soft cells all over the human body. Throughout a hot stone massage, hot, rough-hewn, marble-sized stones have been put on certain parts of the body.

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  • There are actually over 80 kinds of massage methods that manipulate different soft tissue regions throughout the body. The main intention of massage therapy is to decrease pain, relax the muscle, increase blood flow and oxygen to the area, and alleviate stress. Massage can help you relax and reduce stress, but not all of massage techniques would…[Read more]

  • Craniosacral Therapy (C ST) is an ancient holistic healing technique that brings healing to the inner center from the individual. It may be known as the cradle of medicine. Cranio Sacral Therapy is also a dynamic healing technique that brings balance and harmony to your mind, body and soul through an immediate connection with your bodily…[Read more]

  • Once you think of massages, a number of the first things which come into mind is a massage to the backside. But, there are many other kinds of massages which you can do for example massages on the neck, back, and also the face area. The objective of any massage is to relax your client and enhance their general wellness. 1 kind of massage that is…[Read more]

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