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    You are welcome to Dai Nam Electronic Device specializes in supplying merchandise: vacuum, tea vacuum cleaner, handbag mouth sealer, expiry particular date computer printer, butcher, barrel strapping unit, home equipment items, getting smaller models, duck rotating devices, manufacturing drying out kitchen cabinets, teas, medical herbs, cake display units …

    Meals organization establishments, business cooking areas, restaurants and hotels nowadays all need to use multiple-functionality business slicers that will lower all types of meat. If any customer has a need for a meat slicer or is wondering which line to choose, contact Dai Nam. Absolutely buyers will likely be pleased with the very best and most suitable product.

    Let’s sign up for Dai Nam to discover two types of meat slicers right now. Frosty meat slicers and clean slicers.

    General characteristics of frozen meat slicer.

    There are two standard varieties of iced meat slicers: auto or technical. Both types have quite similar structure including the blade part and the camera body, however. You are able to reference the ES-250 and ES-300 semi-auto frosty meat slicers. For totally intelligent slicers you have the SL300E range.

    The blade utilized for the freezing meat slicer is really a revolving platter made from reliable steel forged under specific circumstances. That creates rotor blades with long lasting hardness and sharpness.

    Besides, the blade can also be backed by a tough system created from light weight aluminum alloy committed to the meal industry, simple to high and clean gloss while in use.

    Common characteristic in the refreshing meat slicer.

    There are many varieties of refreshing meat slicers with numerous capabilities to serve the needs of homeowners or dining places, commercial kitchen areas …

    The general construction of the new slicer involves 3 elements: the frame, the blade part as well as the generator. The structural framework consists of thicker, reliable steel, and withstands vibration and noise. Small design, so it might be placed on a kitchen rack or work desk extremely conveniently, convenient and easy while in move and use.

    Every single fresh meat slicer is made with many cutting blades made from professional metal so that each reduce generates equal and thin slices of meat.

    The generator construction in the device is 100% new copper durable, wire and strong after a while. The device may be controlled for most consecutive hours without the need of failing.

    For more information details about every product, make sure you contact us quickly. Dai Nam Electric Kitchen appliances focuses on offering top quality, durable, top quality meat slicers together with the lowest prices on the market today.

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