• Tuina (or Tui Na massage) can be an alternate form of bodywork based upon the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Working along many meridians (electric stations ) throughout the body, the Tui-Na teacher taps in to the natural energy patterns within your body, with gentle stretches, mild stress points, along with special joint…[Read more]

  • Massage therapy or simply massage has been used for thousands of years in the East. In today’s culture it is often regarded as a source of pain relief. The purpose of massage is to loosen the tight muscle, boost circulation of oxygen and blood, and reduce pain. In addition, it improves the mood of the person by relaxing the sympathetic nervous…[Read more]

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    Massages are probably certainly one among life’s easiest but sometimes confusing delights. This informative article is asked by what we’ve got been wondering how. Can I truly will need to have a massage, exactly which would be the differences between, say, a Swedish massagea tennis massage or a Thai therapeutic massage? Would I must be worried…[Read more]

  • Massage therapy is one of the most popular complementary therapies, used to relieve many common ailments. When you think of massages, do you picture a therapist placing pressure on your muscles? Or do you imagine the old Indian tradition of using skin as a cloth to massage the patient? If you are thinking about therapeutic massage, you are not…[Read more]

  • People have been participating in massage therapy for centuries. In a few societies, it’s a day to day exercise. Even today, therapeutic massage is still an effective therapy for all ailments. If you have sore muscles or sore joints, then you can gain from therapeutic massage .

    Sexy stone massage is also an all-natural, therapeutic procedure…[Read more]

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