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    Add a little warmth to your rooms by lighting up a few tealights on the inside these copper tea lighting holders.

    They are not only an elegant accessory for just about any space in the house but they also add a cozy glow to the tealights you make use of along with them. The reflective nature from the on the inside of these rose gold green tea light-weight holders implies you gain benefit from the glow and flicker from the tealight as well as have a wonderful surrounding shine in the copper.

    They are not only great for bath time as a an indulgent treat but they also look great as wedding party table furnishings. Create the best table pop with a collection of wedding ceremony green tea light-weight holders.

    These tea lighting holders calculate 42mm in size and they are 31mm substantial. For range the typical tealight size is 38mm in diameter (utilized in the pictures).

    I would recommend that you employ these with a heat proof area as well as never depart a burning candle alone.

    Some people prefer the industrial look of the stamped meausurements, though please note that there is a set of stamped measurement on the back of the copper tealight holders but they are only visible from one side and can be turned around to be hidden should you desire.

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