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    An original manifestation of cement monolithic structures is the fullness, if the weight-having factors of the structure take up the interior portion of the entire body from the composition. The principle substance is bolstered definite. All levels of production are completed within the framework using formwork. Of the kinds of this kind of definite goods, it can be worthy of emphasizing: directly marching components, go across-nation stairways, U-, L-designed and attach choices.

    When constructing country residences, the application of staircase structures around the stringer frequently will become pertinent. The location of these types of external support frames could be successfully and easily different. Popular are choices situated in the middle of the air travel of stairs or about the side. Using a huge item size, equally alternatives can be utilized. As opposed to a monolithic a single, a staircase on the stringer will not consume lots of free area, and, subjected to high-quality functionality, it is extremely simple to use.

    In order to give a graphic impact when overlapping the steps from the part, a bowstring is used. Its main variables are influenced by the sort of fastening from the techniques (at the corners, mortise or moving choices), the elevation from the phase, materials applied (wooden, steel, bolstered definite). We give personal preference towards the second option of those, thus providing unique strength to definite products and prolonging their operations.

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