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    3-color striped canvas can be a professional product or service found in construction operates. This fabric is made of plastic covered with PE plastic-type material to help you shield from rain and sun, cover flooring, and flooring. Please refer to the article below if you are interested in 3-color striped canvas and want to know what sizes and how much are 3-color striped canvas:

    Scale of 3-coloration striped fabric

    Depending on your preferences, you can choose different sizes of tarpaulins to accommodate the building. Here are the material styles for your reference point:

    – The fabric is 3m x 50m

    – The fabric is 4m x 50m

    – Sizing fabric 6m x 50m

    – Measurements of canvas 1.8m x 100m

    – Scale of material 2m x 100m

    – Dimensions of fabric 2.4m x 100m

    How much is the striped fabric?

    Price ranges for 3-color striped canvas on the market today are priced from 7-12 thousands of VND / m2. Depending on the size and quantity you buy, the retail price will be different, you will find distinct reductions for consumers.

    Together with 3-color tarpaulins, you may make reference to other types of tarpaulins like 2-pores and skin tarpaulins, orange-green tarpaulins, PE tarpaulins …

    Please contact us – Dai Phu Vinh Company specializes in providing quality cheap quality canvas if you are in need of striped canvas for construction or other purposes. With many years of encounter in the business delivering constructing supplies for 1000s of large, partners and small assignments. We guarantee to take you pleasure with price and quality.

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