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    This industry is new and growing sector in India. It creates good revenue for the country. This industry is rich with many natural and synthetic fibres. All these fibres are useful in various ways. Synthetic fibres are made from doing some special chemical processes on natural fibres or obtained directly from chemicals. These fibres have greater qualities than simple synthetic fibres so it is widely used in the industry not only for the apparel use but can be used in other various applications also.

    Some synthetic fibres are Acetate, Rayon, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Olefin, PLA and Modacrylic and some fibres with special properties are Saran, Vinalon, Vinyon, Spandex, Modal, Sulphar, Twaron, Kevlar, Nomex, PBI, Loycell, M5, Zylon, Dyneema/Spectra, Vectran, Glass fibre, Metalic fibre and Acrolynite. In this post we are covering the major five fibres used in the technical textile industry. The properties, applications and leading manufacturers of these fibres may also be covered. These fibres are the following.

    1. Polyethylene

    2. Polyester

    3. Nylon

    4. Carbon

    5. Polypropylene



    Polyethylene is a polymer. Many no. of ethylene monomers join with each in the synthesis of polyethylene polymer. Polyethylene is obtained by the polymerization of ethane. Cationic coordination polymerization, anionic addition polymerization, radical polymerization and ion polymerization are the different methods by which polyethylene can be produced. Every method gives several types of polyethylene. Mechanical properties of Polyethylene be determined by the molecular weight, crystal grouping and branching.
    spesifikasi teknis geotextile Some properties are the following:


    o Excellent ultra violet resistance

    o Excellent electrical and chemical resistance

    o Low moisture absorption level

    o Very good abrasion resistance

    o Low specific gravity

    o Higher energy is needed to break because of specific modulus and high specific strength

    Application of polyethylene

    Medical implants

    o Cable and marine ropes

    o Sail cloth

    o Composites like Pressure vessel boat hulls, sports equipment, impact shields

    o Fish netting

    o Concrete reinforcement

    o Protective clothing

    o May be used in radar protective cover due to its low dielectric constant

    o Can be used as a lining material of a pond which collects evaporation of water and containment from industrial plants

    o Useful in geotextile applications

    Polyethylene Manufacturers

    o Reliance Industries Ltd.

    o Fiber Group, Inc.

    o Fibra S/A

    o Steen & Co. GmbH

    o Kemex BV