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Google Maps APIs allow the web developers to location related features and map visualisations into your websites. In this [course_title] course, you will learn to use Google Maps APIs in your site.

The course illustrates the concepts with the practical examples by creating a real-estate listing. Then, you will see how Google map is used in that site using features like data visualisation, street view panoramas, calculating the distance between locations, getting directions, and viewing places of interest data.

Upon completion, you will be able to create your Project in the Google APIs Console.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


Edukite courses are free to study. To successfully complete a course you must submit all the assignment of the course as part of the assessment. Upon successful completion of a course, you can choose to make your achievement formal by obtaining your Certificate at a cost of £49.

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Course Credit:  Google

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Getting Started with the APIs
Intro 00:02:00
Your API Key 00:01:00
The JavaScript API Overview 00:04:00
Hello Map 00:01:00
Making your Mark 00:02:00
Window Shopping Part 1 00:04:00
Window Shopping Part 2 00:02:00
Markers Infowindows 00:01:00
Being Stylish 00:05:00
Styles 00:01:00
Static Maps and Street View Imagery 00:05:00
Pitch and Heading 00:01:00
Library 00:02:00
Drawing 00:05:00
Drawing and Geometry 00:01:00
Lesson 2: Understanding API Services
Web Services and Geocoding Part 1 00:02:00
Web Services and Geocoding Part 2 00:04:00
Geocoding Requests and Responses 00:01:00
Status 00:01:00
Geocoding Requests and Responses 00:01:00
Geocoding in the App 00:02:00
Interpreting Geocoding Responses 00:01:00
No Mountain High Enough – Elevation API 00:02:00
My Commute – Distance Matrix API Part 1 00:04:00
My Commute – Distance Matrix API Part 2 00:04:00
I want to ride my bicycle 00:01:00
My Commute – Directions API 00:06:00
Displaying Routes Directions Service 00:04:00
From me to you 00:01:00
The Long and Winding Roads Roads API 00:03:00
The Roads Less Travelled 00:01:00
Speed Limits Request 00:01:00
Roads API 00:01:00
Faster is Better – Place Autocomplete 1 00:03:00
Faster is Better – Place Autocomplete 2 00:01:00
Devil in the Details – Places Details 00:06:00
Places I Remember 00:01:00
Across the Universe TimeZone API 00:02:00
Time after Time 00:01:00
I am here, oh wait, where am I? 00:01:00
The Journey so Far 00:01:00
Lesson 3: Using the APIs in Practice
Your Google Developer Project 00:04:00
Premium Plan Specifics 00:02:00
Developer Documentation 00:03:00
Certification 00:00:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00

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