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This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in DevOps. This course examines the challenges and solutions of incorporating your database into a DevOps software development process. This course will help you to understand the challenges of working with various data stores while developing and changing your software at a rapid pace. You will learn where and how databases can fit into DevOps processes.


This course does not involve any written exams. Students need to answer 5 assignment questions to complete the course, the answers will be in the form of written work in pdf or word. Students can write the answers in their own time. Each answer needs to be 200 words (1 Page). Once the answers are submitted, the tutor will check and assess the work.


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Course Credit: Microsoft 

Course Curriculum

Video: About DevOps for Databases 00:03:00
Demo: How DevOps Database Development Can Work in an Entire Stack 00:09:00
Microsoft Learning 00:02:00
Microsoft Professional Program 00:04:00
Video: Module 1 Overview 00:01:00
Video: What is DevOps? 00:08:00
Video: The Challenges of Databases 00:05:00
The Challenges of the SQL Language 00:03:00
Video: The Challenges of the Security 00:03:00
Video: Reference and Configuration Data 00:04:00
Test Data 00:04:00
Non-Technical Challenges 00:04:00
Multiple Dependancies 00:02:00
Video: Production Drift 00:03:00
Rollbacks 00:04:00
Video: Database Development Paradigms 00:01:00
Video: State-Based Development 00:06:00
Demo: State-Based Development 00:04:00
Video: Migration-Based Development 00:05:00
Demo: FullStack Migrations 00:13:00
Demo: Migration-Based Development 00:04:00
Video: Choosing a Development Methodology 00:05:00
Better Collaboration 00:08:00
Video: Collaboration between DBAs and Developers 00:03:00
Video: Module 2 Overview 00:01:00
Video: Database Code and Version Control 00:06:00
Video: VCS Structure Decisions 00:02:00
Video: Organizing Code Elements 00:02:00
Video: Storing SQL Code 00:03:00
Demo: Save VCS Script 00:03:00
Video: Migration-Based Development with Visual Studio 00:01:00
Demo: Save to VCS in Migration-Based Development Format 00:02:00
Video: State-Based Development 00:01:00
Demo: Save to VCS in State-Based Development Format 00:02:00
Tracking Environment-Specific Data 00:03:00
Video: Including Your Database in Continuous Integration 00:04:00
Video: Building Database Code 00:04:00
Video: Add Automated Testing 00:03:00
Video: The Build Process Output 00:02:00
Packaging Build Output 00:02:00
Video: Continuous Unit Testing 00:11:00
Demo: Write a Unit Test 00:03:00
Video: Test Exceptions and Failures 00:03:00
Video: Database Code Testing Frameworks 00:02:00
Video: Test Data Generation 00:10:00
Video: Module 3 Overview 00:01:00
Video: What is Release Management? 00:04:00
Video: How Does Release Management Help Database Deployments? 00:04:00
Video: Repeatable Deployments for Practice 00:04:00
Video: What is a Release Package? 00:03:00
Video: Deploying State-Based Packages 00:43:00
Demo: Compare Output of Build Process to Target Database and Generate Script 00:04:00
Video: Deploying Migration-Based Packages 00:56:00
Demo: Release Certain Scripts in Migration-Based Development Model 00:03:00
Video: Working with Pre/Post Scripts 00:03:00
Video: Using Variables for Environment-Specific Changes 00:04:00
Demo: Variables in Environments 00:04:00
Video: Deferring and Scheduling Deployments 00:04:00
Video: Accounting for Production Drift 00:04:00
Video: What is a Release Gate? 00:02:00
Video: Choosing Approvals for Release 00:03:00
Video: Automated vs. Manual Approvals 00:02:00
Demo: Add Approvals to a Specific Environment 00:04:00
Demo: Deploy a Release to Multiple Environments 00:04:00
Video: Notifications and Logging 00:05:00
Video: Why Validation is Important 00:04:00
Video: Smoke Tests 00:05:00
Video: Rolling Back Deployments 00:04:00
Video: Rolling Back Code Changes 00:03:00
Video: Rolling Back Table and Data Changes 00:04:00
Video: Rolling Back Security Changes 00:02:00
Video: Module 4 Overview 00:01:00
Video: Monitoring Databases 00:04:00
Video: Understanding How Releases Impact Servers 00:01:00
Video: Monitoring Resource Performance 00:05:00
Video: Monitoring Objects 00:04:00
Video: Monitoring Business Metrics 00:03:00
Video: What is Branching? 00:03:00
Demo: Branching 00:04:00
Video: Challenges with Branching Database Code 00:03:00
Video: Using Gitflow Strategy for Database Development 00:06:00
Video: Merging SQL Code 00:04:00
Provisioning Environments 00:03:00
Video: Provisioning Data 00:05:00
Video: VMs, Instances, and Containers 00:08:00
VMs, Containers, and Instances 00:59:00
Video: Best Practices 00:02:00
What is Dark Launching 00:03:00
Video: Database Techniques for Dark Launching 00:04:00
Video: Using Data Abstractions 00:02:00
Video: Error Handling 00:02:00
Video: Cleaning Up Technical Debt 00:06:00
Video: Overview of Difficult Customer Scenarios 00:01:00
Video: Cross-Database Dependancies 00:03:00
Video: Upgrading Multiple Versions 00:05:00
Video: Merging Two Databases 00:06:00
Submit Your Assignment 00:00:00
Certification 00:00:00

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