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Alison Study Areas identifies for you the type of learning you might wish to pursue, depending on your own personal goals and ambitions. Using the framework below will help you identify courses that will challenge and motivate you, empower you and those around to you to achieve.

  1. Study Areas

    Alison identifies three distinct areas of study within which all Alison study can be listed. These study areas are Academic, Personal Development, and Workplace. Depending on what you are seeking to achieve through learning with Alison, – a higher grade at school, a greater understanding of a personal area of interest, or a specific skill to apply in the workplace – choose a course within whatever area of study that suits your learning needs. You can switch between areas of study, or study different courses from different study areas in parallel at any time.

  2. Study Sectors

    Once you have chosen an area of study, you now have to choose a study sector which breaks down once more your learning choices. The Academic Study Sectors will offer you study options within Primary, Secondary or Third Level School or College. The Personal Development Study sector is broken down into choices of Personal Improvement or Activities & Hobbies. The Workplace study sector is further broken down into courses for Job Role Training or Formal Learning.

  3. Study Levels

    Now that you have chosen your study area and sector within the study area, you can choose the Level of difficulty that suits your own personal knowledge and your learning ambitions. We have created a simple 3 tier difficulty rating 1, 2, and 3, which we refer to as Levels.

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